frequently asked questions


Will you publish my book?

Was your book originally written in English? If so, we regret that we may not be the best publisher for you. The overwhelming majority of our books are literature in translation and we only publish English language originals in very rare and exceptional circumstances.

Moreover, we can only accept submissions via an agent - and we cannot guarantee a response to any unsolicited submissions (purely for reasons of time and manpower). We do appreciate that finding a publisher can be a frustrating exercise however, and we wholeheartedly recommend the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook (published by A&C Black) as an invaluable resource for finding an agent or publisher, and for answering questions you never even knew you needed to ask about publishing your work. 


do you have any job vacancieS?

We are a small, harmonious team at MacLehose Press, which makes for a lovely working environment and a very sluggish staff turnover. If ever a job vacancy arises, we will advertise it here, on our blog, our Twitter, and it would be posted on the Hachette careers page

Our sister imprints at Quercus are occasionally hiring too, so if you like the idea of working for a vibrant, friendly publishing house, keep an eye on the Hachette jobs board for any vacancies. 


Do you offer work experience?

We certainly do, but only via the Hachette careers page. If you have a burning desire to discover more about publishing in translation, (and who doesn’t?), please indicate your preference on your application form, and we look forward to inducting you in all the wondrous workings of international literature. Plus, Pengles will teach you how to build really excellent book forts, which always looks good on a CV.



how do i contact an author?

Our authors are a friendly bunch and are usually happy to hear from their readers. However, we regret that we cannot give out their personal contact details and ask that you use us as trusty go-betweens instead. If you would like to contact an author, please mark your envelope "Author name c/o MacLehose Press" and post to the address at the bottom of this page. 

How do i request permission to use an extract from a maclehose press book?

Our wonderful Rights team are your friends here. If you would like to make use of an extract from any of our titles, please make sure you have cleared permission beforehand by downloading and completing this form, and then sending it to Please note that they receive many permissions requests and whilst they try to process them in a timely fashion, it may be as long as six weeks before you have an answer.


how do i request a review copy?

Please email with all the details of your request.


where can i find information about events and signings with maclehose press authors?

We have an events page here, where we post forthcoming events, and we also post details on our Twitter page. If you need any information that we have not thought to provide, do tweet us, or get in touch via the contact form on the Contact page.