Élmer Mendoza

Translated from the Spanish by Mark Fried

When the mutilated body of Mayra Cabral de Melo is found in a dusty field, Detective Edgar "Lefty" Mendieta has personal reasons for bringing the culprit to justice. Mayra, a well-known stripper, had no shortage of ardent, deluded and downright dangerous admirers, and Lefty himself is haunted by the night he spent in her company.

As Mexico's drug war ramps up, Lefty's pursuit of a gallery of jealous and powerful suspects, all with a murderous glint in their eye, leads him to Samantha Valdés, the godfather's daughter, who is battling to retain her father's empire. And as the mystery deepens, the bodycount rises.

Trade paperback - Demy - £14.99 - 01/12/2016 - 9780857052612

"The literary representative of modern-day Mexico in its narco-incarnation . . . The most important thing that's happened in Mexican literature in the last thirty years" GABY WOOD, Sunday Telegraph

"If you are fed up with formulaic noir novels and looking for something fresher, Élmer Mendoza could be the answer" JOHN DUGDALE, Sunday Times

"Presents Mexico in a darkly surrealist light: corrupt politicos, a plague of narco-crime and only battered detective Edgar "Lefty" Mendieta on the side of the angels" BARRY FARSHAW, Independent

"Essential reading" JAKE KERRIDGE, Sunday Express

"A vivid glimpse into an ultraviolent world of macho posturing, unorthodox policing and ruthless criminality" LAURA WILSON, Guardian.

"Mendoza conveys a clear sense of life in Culiacan through the violence of the competing cartels and a simmering expectation and acceptance of corruption" Publishers Weekly



Elise Williams