By Norway's bestselling novelist and the author of NORWEGIAN WOOD, a family story of epic scale.

Edvard grows up on a remote mountain farmstead in Norway with his taciturn grandfather, Sverre. The death of his parents, when he was three years old, has always been shrouded in mystery - he has never been told how or where it took place and has only a distant memory of his mother.

But he knows that the fate of his grandfather's brother, Einar, is somehow bound up with this mystery. One day a coffin is delivered for his grandfather long before his death - a meticulous, beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Perhaps Einar is not dead after all.

Edvard's desperate quest to unlock the family's tragic secrets takes him on a long journey - from Norway to the Shetlands, and to the battlefields of France - to the discovery of a very unusual inheritance. The Sixteen Trees of the Somme is about the love of wood and finding your own self, a beautifully intricate and moving tale that spans an entire century.

Translated from the Norwegian by Paul Russell Garrett

Hardback - Royal - 480p - £16.99 - 10/08/2017 - 9780857056047


"What a remarkable book. I adored it . . . It's one of those books I've rushed home to get back to and read late into the night. I felt embedded in Edvard's world and those of his parents and grandparents. I have an urge to visit Norway and go back to the Shetlands just to honour this book" PATRICK NEALE, Jaffe & Neale Booksellers

"A tragic and astonishing narrative about the love of wood, about family secrets, and finding your own self. About grief, loss and love . . . If Norwegian Wood had not made Lars Mytting a celebrity, this novel will" MAJA TROBERG DJUVE, Dagbaldet

"Probably this year's most riveting novel, a widescreen narrative that must be considered his definitive breakthrough as a writer . . . This book is so blessedly well written that even the most elaborate twists become logical and acceptable milestones in an intricate story" RUNE HALLHEIM, Aftenposten

Elise Williams