Angharad Price

Translated from the Welsh by Lloyd Jones

In the early years of the last century, Rebecca is born into a rural community in the Maesglasau valley in Wales; her family have been working the land for a thousand years, but the changes brought about by modernity threaten the survival of her language, and her family's way of life.

Rebecca's reflections on the century are delivered with haunting dignity and a simple intimacy, while her evocation of the changing seasons and a life that is so in tune with its surroundings is rich and poignant. The Life of Rebecca Jones has all the makings of a classic, fixing on a vanishing period of rural history, and the novel's final, unexpected revelation remains unforgettable and utterly moving.

Paperback - B-format - 160p - £8.99 - 06/03/2014 - 9780857387127


"How does it feel to write a classic novel? This is what Angharad Price has managed with The Life of Rebecca Jones" TOM PAYNE, Telegraph

Elise Williams