Daša Drndic

Translated from the Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth

Paperback - B-format - 368pp - 28/02/2013 - £9.99 - 9781780878355


An old woman sits alone in Gorizia, north-eastern Italy. She is waiting to be reunited with her son. He was fathered by an S.S. officer and stolen from her sixty-two years before by the Nazi authorities during the German occupation.

By focusing on the experiences of one individual, Drndic engages head-on with the traumatic history of WWII and the Holocaust and deals unsparingly with the massacre of Jews in Trieste's concentration camp.

A literary collage comprising photographs, scraps of poetry, interviews and testimonies from the Nuremburg Trials, it is a formally daring work of immense power and scope.


"A masterpiece" A.N. WILSON, Financial Times

"Extraordinary . . . a literary tour-de-force" AMANDA HOPKINSON, Independence

"Trieste is a work of European high culture. Drndic is writing neither to entertain (her novel is splendid and absorbing nevertheless) nor to instruct (its subject, the Holocaust, is too intractable to yield lessons). She is writing to witness, and to make the pain stick" CRAIG SELIGMAN, New York Times

Elise Williams