Élmer Mendoza

Translated from the Spanish by Mark Fried

Paperback - B-format - £8.99 - 01/12/2016 - 9781782064909

For Detective Edgar "Lefty" Mendieta, tormented by past heartbreak and dismayed by all-pervasive corruption, the murder of lawyer Bruno Canizales represents just another day at the office in Culiacán, Mexico's capital of narco-crime.

There is no shortage of suspects in a city where it's hard to tell the gangsters from the politicians. Canizales was the son of a former government minister and the lover of a drug lord's daughter, and he nurtured a penchant for cross-dressing and edgy sex. But why did the assassin use a silver bullet? And why, six days later, did he apparently strike again?

Mendieta's hunt for the killer takes him from mansions to low-life bars, from gumshoe reporters to glamourous transsexuals. Unearthing the truth can be as dangerous as any drug.


One of the biggest names in Mexican literature . . . A true novelist . . . No one has captured the exciting and passionate nature of the Mexican vernacular like him
If you are fed up with formulaic noir novels and looking for something fresher, Elmer Mendoza’s dazzling Silver Bullets could be the answer
— JOHN DUGDALE, Sunday Times
Presents Mexico in a darkly surrealist light: corrupt politicos, a plague of narco-crime and only battered detective Edgar “Lefty” Mendieta on the side of the angels
— BARRY FORSHAW, Independent
Casts a wide net over modern Mexican life and an array of well-drawn characters, some powerful, some weak, some depraved . . . Mendoza’s creation is nothing like standard pulp fiction
— JUSTIN WARSHAW, Times Literary Supplement
Elise Williams