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When the MacLehose Press was founded, almost ten years ago, our determination was to look everywhere for the best writers, the best storytellers. We have, with the best translators, brought many outstanding writers into English from twenty-one languages – so far. This list-within-a-list makes our ambition recognisable to booksellers and to readers and unites in an attractive series design by Michael Salu the work of writers of the highest rank in their own countries. We mean above all to stimulate yet more people to read the world

Christopher MacLehose, Publisher


MacLehose Press is approaching its tenth anniversary, and to mark this 2018 milestone we are creating a new international library for the finest writers in our core publishing strand: literature in translation. Inside a decade, even as a small imprint, we have become known for the phenomenal achievements of our wide-ranging list of bestselling European crime writers, eclectic non-fiction successes and winners of the Nobel and Independent Foreign Fiction prizes, and for the many awards given to our translators. In their own countries, all of our writers are celebrated as the very best.


These MacLehose Press Editions will be printed as flapped trade paperbacks in Europe to high production standards, with striking cover designs unified within a series. We mean to make the books you would not want to overlook harder to overlook. The landscape for literary fiction in translation is expanding; we will go on looking beyond our shores and making it possible for readers to share in the most exciting and most renowned international writers.


MacLehose Press Editions publishing in 2017:


April 20, 2017


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June 29, 2017


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September 21, 2017


RTW8_House_With_The_Stained-Glass_Window_FC RTW7_After_the_Winter_1600px


We hope you will join us on our journey!

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