Last Man Standing SFX Review

I think it is not often that we will be able to say this about one of books, so we’d better enjoy it. SFX Magazine has given Davide Longo’s The Last Man Standing five stars and their coveted “SFX Recommends” badge. Which is nice . . .

Apocalypse novels hunt in packs across the wasted landscape of today’s publishing industry. But nuclear and zombie apocalypse have both had their day: the apocalypse du jour in these cash-strapped times is economic. Which is exactly the kind facing disgraced former writer and professor Leonardo, protagonist of The Last Man Standing.

* * *

Longo is a superb writer and every sentence drips with intelligence and humanity. He creates a vision of the soft apocalypse as complex and meaningful as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, but far more approachable for readers deterred by that book’s dense allusive style. The Last Man Standing is set to be one of best books of the year.

But don’t take their word for it. See for yourself. Until the end of August you can buy The Last Man Standing for Amazon Kindle for only £2.09. An absurd bargain!


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