Introducing Davide Longo

Davide Longo is the author of The Last Man Standing, which is the only orignal title we are publishing this month. He is an Italian writer and creative writing teacher who has published a number of books in Italy and is considered to be amongst the best writers of his generation.

How to describe The Last Man Standing? Visionary, shocking, dystopian, gripping and totally compelling, it paints a terrifyingly plausible picture of the descent of a civilized nation into savage anarchy in the near but unspecified future. Borders are closed, banks withhold money, armed gangs of drug-fuelled youths roam the countryside. Leonardo was a famous writer and professor before a sex scandal ended his marriage and career. Heading north in search of her new husband, his ex-wife leaves their daughter and her son in his care. If he is to take them to safety, he will need to find a quality he has never possessed: courage.

The first review for The Last Man Standing we have had is from the We Love This Book website:

“Even from simply looking at the cover, which depicts a young boy walking an elephant across what appears to be a dam beneath storm-riddled skies, those who choose to read Davide Longo’s The Last Man Standing should expect something unusual. What they will receive is a beautifully written, totally plausible interpretation of a dystopian, economically and politically bereft Europe 13 years in the future, as seen through the eyes and experiences of a disgraced leader of social conscience, a school teacher named Leonardo, who must face his own past in order to survive the future”

Read the full review, the first of many, we hope.


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