Asa Larsson, The Black Path: Review

The fabulous blog I Will Read Books has written a nice review of Asa Larsson’s latest dark and exciting thriller The Black Path:

Åsa Larsson is back with a new Rebecka Martinsson crime thriller, The Black Path. Actually, this is part three in the series and Until thy Wrath be Past was part four. For some reason, which I should look into, Quercus has decided to publish them in reverse chronological order.

Anyway, as I enjoyed the part four I’m in debted to Quercus Books for providing me with a review copy of The Black Path as well. Not indebted enough to be lenient, obviously. . .

What makes The Black Path such a refreshing read is Åsa Larsson’s characters. Although the series is called The Rebecka Martinsson Investigations, the book is as much about almost everyone involved. Åsa Larsson not only tells what the characters are doing now, but also what they did in their past to end up in their current situation.

This often goes as far back as their childhood. It’s effective, makes you feel you know the characters quite intimately. All these flashbacks to the past does slow down the story, but Åsa Larsson does get the balance right, maintaining the momentum of the plot.

Having said that, I’m glad not every writer shares so much of the past of every character. . .

Head on over to I Will Read Books for the review in full.


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