Who Is Paulus Hochgatterer?

Paulus Hochgatterer is one of two MacLehose authors to have been awarded a European Union Prize for Literature, in 2009, for The Sweetness of Life, which has just been released in a fabulous-looking paperback edition. (The other author, in case you were wondering, is Peter Terrin.) Here’s Hochgatterer talking about the book in an interview to mark the award:

The Sweetness of Life is a smart psychological crime novel in which a police officer and a child psychiatrist  — Kovacs and Horn — pursue parallel but separate investigations in a town whose inhabitants are decidedly idiosyncratic and often quite creepy.

It was first published in English to widespread acclaim in 2008 and has been reissued in paperback to accompany a second Kovacs and Horn Investigation — The Mattress House — now available in hardback.

It was picked as a Must Read in the Sunday Times last week, and reviewed in the same organ the week before: “In a country still haunted by the notorious crimes of Josef Fritzl, The Mattress House offers surreal but telling insights into the minds of young victims”. We look forward to more coverage soon. Meanwhile, Karen on the Shelf Love blog has posted an interesting review of The Sweetness of Life, which is well worth checking out.


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