Review: Otto De Kat’s Julia

The fabulous literature blog Just William’s Luck has posted an incisive and interesting review of Otto De Kat’s Julia:

MacLehose Press are prolific publishers specialising in literature in translation. The problem is that they’re so prolific (or have been so generous in making titles available to read and review) and their list so varied and wide-ranging that making a decision about which books to actually read can prove to be almost paralysing.

What was it that made me finally opt for this slim novel from former publisher Jan Geurt Gaarlandt? […]

The way in which de Kat moves between these three separate viewpoints is as seamless and fluid as memory and his prose throughout is spare (as I have come to expect from Dutch novelists of late) but with moments of wonderful poetry.

In a novel about freedom and its opposite he helps us to see that though Chris is fortunate enough to be able to escape the growing horror in Germany we have to question how much or in what way he was able to escape it at all.

To read the review in full please head on over to Just William’s Luck.


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