Otto De Kat’s Julia: Review

The indispensible literature blog milorambles has posted a spectacular review of Otto De Kat’s Julia:

Beautifully translated by Ina Rilke cialis prescription – a prize winning translator of books including Cees Nooteboom and Margriet de Moor – Julia is a veritable work of art. Weighing in at a little under 200 pages my only negative comment would be with its size, I simply fell in love with the book and like all good relationships I wanted more. It was

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over far too soon.

The prose is an example of one of the most beautiful and heart felt books I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year. There’s something magical about it that simply draws you in, the combination of storytelling, a love lost and a country at the most uncertain of times effortlessly holding your attention throughout. . .

It’s very rare for me to give marks out of five or ten for any review but this book – for me – is faultless. With that in mind there’s craigslist cialis only one score I could award this bph cialis wonderfully evocative tale of lost love – 5 out of 5. I can’t say much more generic viagra online than buy viagra online that. If you’re looking for a little escapism on a dreary winter’s night then look no further than Julia by Otto de Kat, beautifully written, you won’t be sorry.

Read the review in full over on the the milorambles blog.


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