Moments of Moral Choice

“JE DIRAI NON, MIO PADRE”: Moments of Moral Choice in the Work of Vasily Grossman, Andrey Platonov and Varlam Shalamov.

A seminar with Robert Chandler

Senate House, Malet St, London WC1 6 December, 5:30pm

The seminar, which is open to all, begins at 5:30pm in the Bloomsbury Room (G35) on the ground floor of Senate House (south block), Malet Street, WC1.The talk will be followed by questions and discussion, and then by a glass of wine.

Vasily Grossman and Andrey Platonov were close friends, and Grossman gave the main speech at Platonov’s funeral. Varlam Shalamov greatly admired Platonov’s work; the hero of one of his stories is based on Platonov. Though Shalamov and Grossman did not know each other, they were both, in the mid-1950s, writing some of the first Soviet accounts of the Gulag. Their testimonies remain unsurpassed. Chandler will be examining the connections – and disagreements – between these three writers, all of whom he has translated.




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