Cees Nooteboom At The World Literature Weekend

This week the MacLehose blog will dedicated to the great Cees Nooteboom, who will be in conversation with A.S. Byatt on Friday at the British Museum as part of the London Review Bookshop World Literature Weekend:

Cees Nooteboom
in conversation with A.S. Byatt

Friday 17 June at 4.30 p.m.
Venue: Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Tickets: £9.00 [Book online]

It has been a good year for Mr. Nooteboom. In addition to his volume of short stories ’s Nachts komen de vossen being published in France and the U.K. (by us, as The Foxes Come at Night), he was also the guest of honour at the Dedica festival in Pordeone. His work was re-interpreted by artists from a variety of disciplines over a two-week celebration of a half a century of inspired writing.

One of the many events was a reading by actress Anna Bonaiuto of “Heinz”, the longest story in The Foxes Come at Night. The collection was only recently published in the U.K. and has not yet been reviewed, but Florence Noiville wrote of the French edition in Le Monde:

In truth one needs an outstanding talent to evoke these ideas with such grace.  It is difficult to know exactly where this mesmerizing spell comes from when reading these short stories.  What is certain is that, by this rare combination of emotions and humour, Nooteboom had already struck and seduced us when Mokusei was first published 25 years ago in France. And it is still as delightful as it was then.


To win a signed and dedicated copy of The Foxes Come at Night, respond to pengles@maclehose.net or reply to @maclehosepress on Twitter with Cees Nooteboom’s full name. (Competition is now finished 15/6/11.)


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