Flickr Friday: Winter in Pula

Towards the end of last year Christopher MacLehose drove with Miska to Pula in Croatia to visit Daša Drndić, author of Trieste. As always, he took his camera along, so for the inaugural MacLehose Press Flickr Friday here a few photographs from the trip. All the photos will also be up on the MacLehose Press Flickr page.


Daša Drndić


Daša Drndić and Seid Serdarevic, her Croatian publisher, with Miska


An all-weather market stall


Statue of James Joyce


Miska at the Palu Literary Festival

If you have any photographs you would like us to included in a future Flickr Friday then please send them. We are particularly looking for photographs of bookshelves, as chaotic or as tidy as they may be.



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